Bathtime for the fowl


The magnificent pool that we made by sinking an old water deposit tank in the ground has proved impossible to keep clean. The ducks turn the clean water into a black, stinking slime within a couple of hours.

Our lovely neighbours gave us their old bath when they installed a shower, so we have spent a little time and effort on  making this into a nicer bathing facility for our feathered friends.

Inspired by a video on Youtube, we altered the waste from a human bathplug to a 4″ duck-worthy tube, which drains onto the orange grove.

A few blocks and terracotta planks made a good ramp to get into the bath and some rocks and a block make climbing out easier for them.

Needless to say, the ducks are being completely witless about using the new facility, but Pablo and Louisa have the hang of it now and we expect the more skittish runner ducks to follow their lead very soon.

In other news, Mick McDuck, our little lame duck is still not integrating into the flock. There seem to be one or two of the others who are determined to beat Mick into a pulp and Strange Duckling is proving very intolerant. She does not appreciate the irony of her being so set against anyone who does not fit in with the rest of the flock!

We are hoping that there is a solution around the corner for Mick, but I will tell you more about that as and when it comes off.

In the meantime, here are some photos taken this morning.

The stinky ‘pond’ covered and waiting for us to drain and remove it

Pablo and Ducky hoping this is all a dreadful mistake

Ducky & Pablo are growing their brightest plumage back. Not sure there is time for more breeding this year, but nobody has told them that!

Strange Duckling strutting her stuff. She is a very xenophobic duck.

The committee are not amused. The ducklings are almost indistinguishable from their parents now.

Strange Duckling is eating the grass trail on the planks. It was supposed to encourage the ducks to get over themselves and give the new facilities a go!

Mick, our monopod or Indian Hopper Duck