And another thing…







My pet aversion’s ironing

I have a growing pile

Of shirts and shorts and sundry stuff

All wrinkly, dry and vile


Cleaning the loo is ghastly too

Dog sick is my bête noire

I just abhor it slightly more

Than hoovering the car.



I dislike airports, slugs and snobs

I can’t stand passive smoke

I don’t like things too chocolatey

I don’t like being broke


I can’t stand loud and leery drunks

The egocentric bore

Who feels the need to tell me things

he’s said ten times before


I don’t like yoofs with motorbikes

Or Mr Tony Blair

Or avocadoes, flies, B.O.

Unwanted facial hair



Solicitors who stitch you up

Repeats on BBC

Vegetables overcooked

Or sugar in my tea

I loathe shopping, beetroot stains,

Athlete’s foot and wasps

Nazis, people who are smug

And things that don’t quite rhyme

Bossy wimmin drive me nuts

Long queues are a pain

But the thing that gets me most of all

Is people who complain.


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