Fish & Chip Baby Appeal


One of the lovely things about our life here in the Axarquia region of Andalucia is the freedom to spend time doing things for others. Too often in the UK we were too tired and our time was too limited to do much other than work, sleep and work some more.

Not long ago, a friend passed on details of an appeal to knit tiny jumpers and hats for babies in Africa. These poor little mites were being sent home wrapped in newspaper because their mothers quite literally had nothing for them to wear. Hence the name of the appeal.

Just some of the outfits sent off to Africa in July

Before we knew it, a whole network of enthusiastic knitters sprang up, some up near my friend in Almeria province, and some near to our home in Malaga province. Groups of knitters started to get together to ‘Knit Out’ (the al fresco equivalent of having a ‘Knit In’) at local bars, chatting and sharing ideas, and passing information to curious passers-by.

Hundreds of brightly coloured outfits have already been sent off to Africa, and every day new knitters join the fun.

We have a website, , and a Facebook group that is growing rapidly, with members in Spain and abroad .

Oddments of wool from garments knitted for my own children are now incorporated into jumpers and hats for tiny babies who do not have the advantages they enjoyed, and as another jumper grows with stripes from leftover wool from jumpers and socks made for my Dad over the years, it gives me a warm feeling that by teaching me to knit all those years ago, he has also played a part.

If, like me, you enjoy knitting in bright colours, Fish and Chip knitting may be just the creative outlet for you. Take a look at the website or the Facebook group, but be warned: knitting these tiny garments is totally addictive!





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