The Canines


Since Poppy, the Dog of the Blog, arrived in our lives on February 12th 2012, we have become a rather animal enriched family.

Boggle and Dick van Duck came and went and we have welcomed the Chicken Ladies and Doodle Doo,

Minnow turned up late one night in 2013 at a quiz in aid of local animal charities, and is still with us, dubbed the Tiny Tearaway and other less than complimentary but affectionate nicknames.

Teddy appeared on  the road almost under the wheels of the car early this year (2015) and is the biggest, soppiest pup you could wish to have eating you out of house and home and systematically destroying your stash of flowerpots.

We have agreed that three dogs is definitely more than enough. So here we are, two middle-aged people, with our second family of canine ‘children.’  Like human children, they all have their own distinct personalities and foibles. Like human children, they are sometimes very exasperating but very loveable.

Unlike human children, they are dogs. Please do not get the idea that I am some soppy bleeding heart. I love my dogs, but you will not catch me talking in cute dog voices!

family photo from Nick

Ted, Min and Poppy being surprisingly obliging for a friend with a camera


4 thoughts on “The Canines

    • Aww, thanks, Jan. It’s even more multi-coloured now. I decided to have fun while I can, and I have no job interviews to worry about 😀

    • He is even bigger now, and has had his op. He wasn’t the least worried about it, and showed no signs of a bad reaction, which was quite a relief after Min was so ill when we got her done. Just got to take him for his post op check-up tomorrow. Not sure whether the stitches need removing. He loves the vet and gives her big soppy kisses when he sees her. I wonder if he will be so please to see her after what she did to him last Monday!

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