Down in Duckville – a few photos


Louisa and the chicks have been for an outing with Pablo this morning. She is a very protective mother, so the photographs were grabbed under rather awkward circumstances!

Keeping close to mum and dad, the chicks are keen to explore

Louisa is chatting to Ducky McDuckface through the fence, while the chicks stay close. The second one is behind the big weed on the right – you can just about see him to the right of Louisa’s shoulder.

Standing on a stone to keep his feet dry

They stay very close together, but one definitely seems a little more independent than the other.

One of the chicks is happy to hide behind Dad. I am glad to see the parenting seems to be shared.

Louisa  telling me off for getting too close.

Pablo is close by, but just out of shot.

There are still three eggs in the nest. Whether or not they will hatch at this late stage, we do not know.



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