An interim progress report


So much has happened since last time I wrote that it is hard to know where to begin. The easiest way to keep things up to date is to post a gallery of pictures from the first four and a half weeks of work on the house.

Changes to the back of the house

Changes upstairs

Changes in the barn

There are also huge changes happening on the ground floor – a new kitchen, utility, larder and cloakroom configuration, preparations for the office where El Perro will be produced, and the reworked sitting room.

Outside, work has begun on rotivating and tidying the first level or orange trees, ready for fencing it off for the dogs to have a large, safe area in which to do dog things. Mario and Richard have made huge inroads into clearing and digging post holes, and Mario has shown Geoff the basics of pruning orange trees. Geoff has spent the last two days with his chainsaw and secateurs. Piles of logs and kindling are dotted about the place, and the beautiful perfume of orange blossom fills the air.

More pictures to follow, when time permits…